Too Long Didn't Read? Sorry I know the details are boring but if you have any questions here is the place to find the answers.  Or you can just phone us, one of the gals will be happy to answer any questions you have!

How do I join?

Simply sign up for an account here and subscribe to a box.

Once you have signed up you can go online weekly to substitute items or add items to your order. Orders and changes are due Sunday at 9pm for the upcoming week's deliveries.

You can add other boxes or individual items.  

These additions can be one-offs or you can set them on autoship to suit your needs. 

How do I pay?

When you sign up you enter your credit card info.  Each week we will automatically invoice your order to your card.  Easy peasy! If you prefer to send in your payment by e-transfer, just make sure you send it in prior to Sunday night.  The amount will be applied to your account and your account will not be charged. **Make sure to note the name on your account if you are sending from a different bank account.  If you send in using your partner's bank or your business account sometimes we can't match the payment to the right person. 


What if I go away or want to skip a week?

No problem!

Simply login to your account and select "skip a week".  You can manage weeks you want to put on hold from this menu.  

How do I add to my order?

You can add more boxes/items to your order through our online store.

Prices can fluctuate each week for fresh produce.  We update them by Friday Morning.

Be sure to finalize your order by 9pm on Sunday. Anything left in your cart will be sent to you.

The system cuts off changes to orders Sunday evening. 

How will the food be delivered?

We are committed to delivering your product efficiently and quickly, while minimizing our carbon footprint  For local deliveries we offer re-usable totes.  Please remember to leave your tote outside to swap out.  There is a $20 bin deposit on your first delivery to cover the 2 bins in circulation for you.


For northern communities we used recycleable boxes made in BC.  We often get asked if we want them back to re-use.  We would LOVE to able to re-use them but foodsafe doesn't allow us to re-use cardboard.  The cardboard is made from recycled material and can be composted or recycled.  Donate them to your local food bank to use again!


Can I substitute items I won't use?


Simply login to your account and make substitutions.  You can also select items to "neversend" and they will ALWAYS be pulled from your box.  If you don't login and choose your replacement we will do it for you.  Boxes are available for adjustment on Friday, with a cut off of Sunday.  You can shop all week long and add to your cart, but you can only make changes to your box between Friday and Sunday.  Remember that any times left in your cart on Sunday will be sent to you.

What if I get something I'm not happy with or if something is missing?

No questions asked!

We deal with fresh produce, so we know there will be the odd item in your box from time to time that spoils on the way there, or that our packers missed catching.  Simply snap a shot with your phone and send us an email and we will credit your account, no problemo! How many times have you brought stuff home from the grocery store to find it not looking so hot.  This makes your returns easy-peasy! Please keep in mind that this produce is organic so absolute perfection is not our goal, our goal is a sustainably produced, nutritious product.  The odd bump or scuff can easily be cut around.

What if an item is marked 'Refund' on my packing slip?
Over the weekend we process refunds and frozen-item adjustments, if you haven't seen your credit by 10 am Monday, please send us an email. 

What if I forget to pick up my box?

Hey, it happens!

Unfortunately the pickup locations will not be equipped to store items safely overnight.  

Pickup locations will give a courtesy call before closing. 

Food quality and safety cannot be guaranteed for late pickups so if boxes are left and not claimed the food will be donated to a charity.  Refunds cannot be given for boxes not picked up. 


Are there any minimums or commitment?

You can cancel at anytime! 

Give us a try without any kind of contract.  We do recommend giving at least three boxes a whirl to see the variety.  

There is an order minimum of $50.  Want to order less? No problem, we will simply apply a small packing fee of $5 to that order.

Its not for me, how do I cancel?

We are sad to see you go, but hey, Farm Bound isn't for everyone!

Simply login and delete the "standing order" from your account.  This is the order that auto-generates a box for you. 

Is everything in your standard box Organic?

Yes, or it has been organically grown.

We are very selective on who we buy from and prioritize local certified organic producers first.  We do use of a couple great producers out there that practice farming

that goes above and beyond organic standards that are not certified.

 If we do provide an item that is not certified organic we will have

completed a farm visit and an extensive interview process to ensure

you are getting the highest quality product.

We will always inform you in the item description if an item (especially the bulk fruit) is not certified organic.

What happens in winter where there is less local food?

We have you covered!

We have developed relationships with existing organic food

distributors to subsidize items that are out of season.  

We will prioritize food grown closest to British Columbia.  

There are a few farmers that are on the verge of starting year round green houses.

 If we can show them there is a market, maybe we can stimulate

some local food production 12 months of the year! 

How do I get my delivery?

Check our Delivery Schedule page to see the details of the delivery in your area.  

For communities throughout our province where we don't offer home delivery, we partner with a pickup location in your community to receive the shipments. The hours will be posted on the delivery schedule page for each location.  We appreciate your patience if a truck arrives late.  

You can also start a pickup location in town for your business/group/community.

Ask about our group incentive programs for hosts and not for profits.

How much is Delivery?

Home and Pick-up lcoation delivery in the North Okanagan is free within town for orders $50 or more ($5 delivery charge for less than $50 orders).  If you live outside the core area of town, a small delivery fee of $7.50 is applied.  Check out the delivery schedule page in your area to see boundaries for the additional charge. 


Refrigerated shipping to "outreach" communities are $12.50 and are reduced to $7.50 if the order is $50 or more. Home delivery is not available at this time in northern communities.

Who can offer a pickup location?


All we require is someone with a business address and a passion for local food.  The orders are shipped their refrigerated and clients come pickup the same day.  It kind of works like a sears depot!

Want to start a pickup location in your area?  Contact us to find out more at

Corporate Delivery

Healthy employees are happy employees! We deliver organic fruit boxes for healthy staff room snacks. Sign up the same as our Home Delivery clients.  Common boxes for office delivery are the RAW Snackers (an assortment of fruit and veg that doesn't need cooking) and Fruit Me (all fruit!).

Realtor Client Gifts

What better way to thank your clients than with a delivery of fresh organic and local goods.  

We have packages designed for all budgets.  

Set up an account with us, then when your clients move into their new home simply email us their info, what package you want and we take care of the rest!

Email for more info. 


Don't know what to get someone?  Our boxes made GREAT gifts! Send us an email and we can hook you up with a gift card and account. 


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