Click the HERE to be  taken to our ordering system.  Be sure to complete the form as best you can (the more information we have the better we can serve you.  Please check the "Where we deliver" page to see the delivery fees and details in your area.   Select the size of box you want and how often you want it.  You can also add things like milk, bread or eggs to your "standing order". 


Your account will sit in suspense until we activate you.  We like to give every account a one over before we turn you loose on the organic goodness!  You will get a welcome email that goes over how our service works when its active.  


Each week we contact the farmers to create your delicious food boxes! You can customize your order as much as you like.  The contents are released on Fridays, and when the boxes are ready to go we will send out an email to let you know you can login. You have until Sunday night to login and make subs or add on more.  Some people customize, some people like getting a surprise.  Got a food allergy? Hate turnips?  You can set up your produce preferences.  Set something to your "NEVERSEND" list and it will automatically be removed from your box.  You can login and pick something else or we can do it for you, easy peasy.   Dealing with fresh produce we sometimes get stuff showing up not looking so hot, so we reserve the right to sub up to 3 items in your box with something please, be awesome and easy going!

Going away? No problem! You can select "skip a week" and your order will be held until your next rotation.  

Check out the "how it works page" to see all the important details.


We automatically charge your card so you don't have to worry about leaving out payment.  Don't want your card charged? No problem! Just send us an etransfer for your total by Monday morning.  


We order everything in fresh for you! The farms deliver to us and we pack out your custom order.  Be sure to check our "Where we deliver" page to see the delivery schedule and fees in your area.  We offer Home Delivery and Pickup Location Service depending on where you are.  

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